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Posted by on May 12, 2008 in Biking, Injuries, Treadmill Runs, Trials

The Return


Sorry for my extended absence, but I am now back and running…literally!!

After taking three weeks off I began running again on May 6th. I think that was a day later than I had planned but, I was traveling all day on the 5th and thought that I would give my body, which was still recovering from TWO simultaneous infections, the day off.

That being said, I have been riding pretty consistently during my running hiatus and thank GOD for it. What I have figured out, which I may have mentioned in my last podcast episode, is that it was my shoes that were hurting me. Not my running shoes, mind you, but my every day shoes.

I became very fond of my Vans slide-ons. They were easy and comfortable. They also had ABSOLUTELY NO ARCH SUPPORT!!! Thus, my arch was collapsing from being on my feet in those shoes for so many hours in a day. So, once I figured that out, I began wearing stiff soled shoes with plenty of arch. I don\’t have a particularly high arch, as a matter of fact it\’s pretty much right in the middle of flat and high. Since my change in footwear, ALL of my problems are either gone, or on their way out the door!!

Today will be my third run back and I am excited to get to it. It will be a treadmill run (gotta take it easy to get back) and I am aiming for about 35 minutes.

Check back soon forĀ  BMP: Episode 6!!

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