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Posted by on Jun 23, 2008 in Announcements, Biking, Links, Races, Swimming, Treadmill Runs, Trials, Triathlon, Workouts

The new workout

Since I did my first triathlon a few weeks ago, I have become addicted. Yes, it was a singularly painful event, but it was such a rush. Now that I am back in NYC and I am looking back on the event, I have done some analysis of what I can do in and out of the race to make myself better. The first of these things is slimming down a bit.

Right now I weigh about between 207 and 210 lbs.. Ideally I would like to get down to about 185-190. However, as you may or may not know, I a fairly muscular guy and I refuse to lose mass, so my goal is to make the mass I have or will gain, more lean. This will take stress off of my legs and joints and make every event I participate in that much easier, even the Richmond Marathon. Here is the rough outline of the workout I will adopt beginning today:

Monday: A.M. 2 hour bike ride down the west side bike path (this always takes about 2 hrs.)

P.M. 1 hour lifting; 1 hour treadmill run (this will change to road running once I get back into it.)

Tuesday: A.M. 2 hour ride, down to 70th St. and then to Central Park to do \”The Loop\” no fewer than 4 times.

P.M. Swim, no fewer than 1400 meters (building 100 m a week.)

Wednesday: A.M. West side ride.

P.M. 1 hour \”light\” lifting; 1 hour treadmill run.

Thursday: Off

Friday: A.M. Central Park ride.

P.M. Swim (1400+.)

Saturday: Saturday Morning Clown Ride (to Nyack, NY and back, approx. 55 mi.)

Sunday: \”Hard\” lift; 1 hour treadmill run.

I am sure this will change, based on how my body reacts. I will also fine-tune it to get the most out of each workout. Check back in the coming days for details of the workout. I will try to do a post on each portion that includes all the nitty gritty.

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