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Posted by on Jan 22, 2010 in FYI, Links, Outdoor Runs, Races, Running, Schedule, Workouts

Day 21: Some More Speed

From Me and the Road


Date: 1/21/09

Consecutive Days Run: 21

Runner: Brandon Wood

Shoes: Newton AW Trainers

Location: New York, NY

Type of Run: mile repeats

Time of Day: 2:27 PM EST

Distance Run: 5.16 miles

Time Run: 00:37:26

Average Pace: 7:15 per mile

Weather Conditions: Cold-ish (37 degrees Fahrenheit), clear

Disposition: Good

Link to Run Detail:

About the Run: Just as I sat down to write this it hit me that I\’ve been running every day for three solid weeks! I know that this isn\’t saying a whole lot in the grand scheme of things (seeing as I\’m aiming to run 52 weeks in a row), but it does mark the most days I\’ve run in a row, ever. Just thought I\’d point that out before writing the rest of this!

I am now three days out from running the New York Road Runners Manhattan Half-Marathon as part of the Half-Marathon Grand Prix. Since I didn\’t explain the whole \”Grand Prix\” part yesterday, I thought I\’d take a second to do it now. It is a series of five half-marathons, one in each borough of New York City: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Of the five, I did Brooklyn and Queens in 2009. Brooklyn, which ended at Coney Island, was so much fun and I ran what it, to date, my PR. Queens, on the other hand, was a giant mess! Not only was I only SEVEN days past Ironman Wisconsin, but the organization of transportation to and from the race site was less than stellar. Myself and about fifty other runners were dropped off about 2.5 miles from the start and about thirty minutes late! We had to run the 2.5 miles to the start and THEN begin. Not fun.

Anyway, I will get more into my goals and such for the Manhattan Half in the next couple of days.

Today was my last hard-ish run before the race. My assigned run was the same as it was on Tuesday: Warm up for 1 mile then run 3×1 mile at your 5K race pace. 2 minute recover between. I tried to be much more diligent about keeping track of the different sections or splits of this workout so I could really pinpoint what I was doing. My mile splits were as follows:

Mile 1: 6:21

Mile 2: 6:17

Mile 3: 6:27

They felt good with the exception of a tiny hotspot just behind the ball of my right foot in the last mile. I really do enjoy letting fly for speed stuff and I cannot wait until my fitness is back to where it should be! I must say though that I am running rather quick for me seeing as a year ago, I was running somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 minutes a mile in a race. I have to give kudos here to my coach, Jeff. I know that it\’s me who has to do the work, but with Jeff\’s guidance I have become a much stronger athlete.

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