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Posted by on Feb 10, 2010 in Announcements, Gear, News, Triathlon

Craig Alexander Signs on With Trigger Point

From the Trigger Point website

\"\"We are excited to announce that we have officially inked a deal with Craig Alexander, world champion triathlete!  He\’s been a longtime user of our products and is now going to reach out to the public and let everyone know the benefits of self massage with Trigger Point Performance Products!

Cassidy Phillips and Craig Alexander met in 2004 at the Olympic Trials in Bellingham, Washington.  At the time, Alexander was pretty banged up and needed a way to take care of himself.  Phillips gave Alexander some biomechanical education and taught him how to use our products, after which Alexander was empowered to care for himself through self massage using Trigger Point Therapy tools.  The reality was that Alexander didn\’t have the funds to get body work every day, so our products allowed him to care for himself on a daily basis, thus providing both empowerment and performance enhancement.

Alexander began to use Trigger Point Performance tools for self massage and injury prevention, twice a day every day, and he went on to have one of the best race seasons ever in 2004.  Today, after being the Ironman World Champion 2 years in a row, Alexander has the resources for body work on a daily basis, but he can still care for himself using Trigger Point products when he\’s on the road and when he can\’t make it to his therapist.

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  1. This stuff is awesome. I had some Quad issues a couple of years back and purchased the package with the block, the ball, and two different sized rollers. I can completely work out any tight muscles on my own. Beats “The Stick” and any foam roller you could buy. Of course there is nothing like a good massage, but this is a great substitute. I have actually been using the ball for my piriformis these days…

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