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Posted by on Mar 25, 2010 in FYI, Outdoor Runs, Running, Workouts

Day 84: Tempo

From Me and the Road


Date: 3/25/10

Consecutive Days Run: 84

Runner: Brandon Wood

Shoes: Newton Gravitas

Location: New York, NY

Type of Run: Tempo

Time of Day: 2:24 PM EST

Distance Run: 9.80 miles

Time Run: 01:09:57

Average Pace: 07:08 per mile

Weather Conditions: Pleasant (58 degrees Fahrenheit), Breezy

Disposition: Decent

Link to Run Detail:

About the Run: My assigned run for today was: Warm up in zone 2 for 10 minutes. Then run 55 minutes at your 1/2 marathon pace. Cool down for 10 minutes with an easy jog. Whenever I see that I have a tempo run like this, I get a bit leery of it because it\’s a lot harder for me than a really long run. In any event, it had to get done, so I went.

The weather was really beautiful today which was good and helped my eagerness to run. I took the first ten minutes easy as assigned, but as I look at the data now, I am shocked at how fast I was running! The first \”easy\” ten minutes were at a 7:19 pace, but felt more like 8 minutes plus. I am finding, recently, that my general pace has picked up quite a bit. That\’s a really good thing but it forces me to reassess my levels of perceived effort.

The run felt good and was faster, once again, than I thought I was. Now, I just need to figure out if I can put up those numbers off the bike!

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