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Posted by on Mar 29, 2015 in Biking, Cycling, FYI, Links, Nutrition, Race Report, Races, Shout Out, Swimming, Technique, Trials, Triathlon

Dude even though you had to pull out …

Comment posted 2010 Ironman Louisville: Race Report Part 3 – The Race by jason.

dude even though you had to pull out take solace in the fact what you endured to even make it to transition two is an accomplishment in itself hold your head up high sir 1st for making it to tran 2 2nd for having the will to pull out one of the hardest things for any athlete to do i salute you sir

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  1. I am so sorry to hear how things turned out. I have been waiting for an update. As a marathoner who has had her share of not so great races, I can only imagine the disappointment. I have learned a lot from your posts. Keep your chin up. The next race will be fantastic.

    • Thank you so much Jami!

      • dude even though you had to pull out take solace in the fact what you endured to even make it to transition two is an accomplishment in itself hold your head up high sir 1st for making it to tran 2 2nd for having the will to pull out one of the hardest things for any athlete to do i salute you sir

  2. Brandon, I was so sorry to read your story about this very miserable day. The elements made for a tough day for so many. You will be back and better than ever.

    Drew Brees talk about “fear of failure” in his book, (which is a good read) something every athlete dreads. Being unable to compete is humiliating, esp. when none of it makes sense.
    He talks extensively about his shoulder injury, surgery, the Chargers, rehab, and wondering if he would ever be as good as he was….
    Well, we all know the rest of the story. We are all humbled for a reason, and there is usually something better ahead.
    Keeping everything in perspective, as I mentally prepared myself for a TOUGH IM with the temps, & hills, I came to the conclusion, that this is just a race….a hobby…and I still have a wonderful family, partner, & health. DNF is shattering temporarily, but something you will gain so much from in your bright future. IF you follow cycling, you may know that Lance Armstrong DNFed one of his early Tour de France.
    Character building experiences make more sense down the road. Be patient in your discoveries.
    I look forward to hearing more about your accomplishments in the upcoming years. You will be back and it will be awesome. Go drink another beer, and get back on that horse, tommorrow.

  3. I listend to ep 108 and it affected me. I was amazed that after training so hard and doing everything right that the body can still let you down. As Sting so aptply put it, “How fragile we are”. Good perspetive and attitude though.

  4. Brandon,

    Just wanted to say I was sorry man. There will be other races as I know you know. Your recap is a great read fwiw.

    • Thank you so much Steve. You are right though. At the end of the day it’s just a race and I am still here to do more!

  5. Brandon, I am so sorry. I had a DNF in my first one and it was medically valid (I had heat exhaustion) but still I cried for 3 months afterwards. Knowing there was nothing you could do to change it doesn’t change the heartbreak. But you made the right decision and you will be back out there. I hope they figure this out for you. So glad you have Jeff as a coach to help you make the decision in the end.

  6. Hey Brandon,

    I enjoyed reading your report ~ thank you for sharing the lessons you learned and what you took away from your experience in Louisville.

    I was out there that day too. And mannn was it a doozie.

    I wrote in my blog the following statement, which I hope gives you comfort:

    Through my Ironman experience and 16+ hour day on Sunday, August 29, 2010, I learned first-hand, that the maturity of an endurance athlete is defined by knowing when to say “when”.

    There’s a very fine line between digging deep and going for it ~ and listening to the very important things your body is trying to tell you. Many of us out on the course were all faced with incredibly hard decisions, and only we as individuals can decide whether they were the best for us. You walked away with an epic experience and memories of pushing yourself farther than you thought imaginable.

    As many have already said to you, take the time to rest, recover and get back out there and enjoy what you do, in training for your next event. And on the same token, embrace all this experience has brought you ~ for it only makes you tougher.

    If you’re at all interested, I posted my race report here:

    Take good care, and congratulations on all your hard work and making every moment of your race day count.


    • Thanks so much Maria. Congrats on getting it done! I think I’ve come full circle now and am really looking forward to what’s next. It’s going to be a fun ride!!

  7. I’m late to the party in reading this recap, but I just wanted to offer my congratulations to you. Regardless of the DNF, this race and all the training that led up to it is a major accomplishment.

    Our bodies can do amazing things, but we are not invincible. A lot of hard-core athletes (a category you belong in!) are stubborn, which can of course be a wonderful thing but in situations like this it can also get you into trouble. Like your coach told you, there was a very real possibility that you could have faced a serious medical emergency. And your friends/family/random fans from the Internet care much more about your safety than if you finished this race or not. Kudos on making the right decision, which is often difficult to do. And it just means you’ll kick that much more ass next time. :)


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