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Posted by on Mar 6, 2011 in Articles, FYI, Links, Swimming

My swim speed

Recently I\’ve been getting some not so nice comments from a couple of NCAA swimmers. At least, I think  it\’s more than one, it might just be one. Aside from being dangerously close to violating the NCAA Code of Conduct by harassing me via the comments section of this site, they\’ve completely skipped past the real meaning of a couple of swimming posts that I\’ve written.

The post in question is the post I wrote in August of 2009 entitled \”Life in the Fast Lane\”. The point of this lane was not to point out my personal speed in terms of the elite swimming world at-large but rather to make a statement about what my speed is relative to the people against whom I am competing. Now, if I were to go head to head with one of these commenters in the pool I would no doubt get my ass kicked, and I\’m ok with that. Of course that assuming they can pull their chlorine addled heads out of their butts long enough to step up on the block. I have no illusions of grandeur about my speed and when I said, \”My average 100 meter swim in a race is around 1:05 (+/-)\” I realize fully and completely that if held up next to any NCAA swimmers and even most competitive highschool swimmers, that is not so speedy.

All that said, when I hop into the pool where I workout [side note: one of these ass-hats ridiculed me for swimming at a Bally\’s, which I do because it is a 50 meter pool that is a 30 second walk from my office.], which is FOUR lanes, I am in FACT the fastest person in that pool 99% of the time. I thought that was clear enough in that post, but if not, that is what I meant.

If you line me up in a triathlon, chances are I will be in the top 2% of the swimmers out of the water (30th out of the water overall (including pros) in Ironman Wisconsin, 2009). Moreover, I want to help others be faster and I am not so arrogant as to go to someone\’s website that is trying to be encouraging and leave cowardly, anonymous comments.

I\’ve been deleting these comments because I don\’t really want to engage in a pointless debate with a prepubescent moron who cannot pick up on the real meaning of of an article. Also, the list in the \”Fast Lane\” post is not meant to be sarcastic, it is real. It may sound sarcastic to people who are fast swimmers, but it is really only meant for those who truly may not know better.

I hope none of you encounter a-holes like these guys. I\’ll be on the lookout for their IP addresses and email addresses so I can inform the NCAA and their schools if I need to. If I do, I\’ll let you know! It would be a shame for talented swimmers to lose any scholarships and/or positions on their teams.

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