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Posted by on May 2, 2011 in FYI, Inspiration, Links, News, Races, Shout Out, Triathlon

Tampa woman starts St. Anthony\’s Triathlon, pauses to save a life, then finishes the race.

In an epic show of badassery, Teresa McCoy, 37, of Tampa stopped during the bike leg of the well know St. Anthony\’s Triathlon to save a life.

McCoy, who is a nurse by profession noticed a fellow racer being looked at by police officers. She decided that she would pull off the course to see if she could help. The officers, who believed the man to be having a seizure had apparently not taken his pulse. Upon checking, McCoy didn\’t feel any signs of life. She immediately began CPR while calling for a defibrillator, which one of the officers had in his truck. Immediately after shocking him, her fellow athlete came to. Having answered the call of duty, McCoy got back on her bike and finished the race!

Teresa McCoy, we salute you!

[St. Petersburg Times – Tampa woman saves man\’s life, then finishes triathlon]



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